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How to create a graphic image, using a normal picture? (Free Adobe Illustrator tutorial for beginners – No 03)

There are several ways the illustrator program can use to create a graphic image using a photo. This illustrator tutorial we describe how to recreate a photo using line patterns.

The tools that we will use for this Adobe Illustrator tutorial are,

  • Rotate Tool
  • Selection Tool
  • Scissor Tool

Starting work

         Here is a photo of the face. When selecting such a picture, it should become visible on the face. Also, the resolution should more than just an image. The differences between light and dark in that photo should well see. 

  • First, open a new illustrator page and go to File > Place and open the Image

Illustrator tutorial

  • Click on the lock icon in front of the layer palette and lock the layer
  • Now click on the Create New Layer icon at the bottom of the layer palette and create a new layer

Let’s set the transform settings.

  • Draw the line at the top passing the Image from the line tool in the toolbox 
  • Now select the line and go to Object > Transform > Transform Each. Then you will get the transform each dialogue box

Transform Each

  • Use the slider in the vertical slider box under it, and set the value to five pixels
  • This means that the distance between the lines copied down must be five pixels
  • Now click on the copy button. Then another line of copies five pixels down
  • Click ok and leave the dialogue box and press Ctrl + D keys. Then the lines are copying
  • Copy lines like this until the end of the picture
  • Now select all of these lines and double click on the Rotate Tool in the toolbox

Rotate tool

  • Enter “90” in front of angle and click on the copy button in the dialogue box that appears
  • Then a copy of the previously drawn line diagram is creating vertically. Go through the Edit > Cut and open a new layer. Please select it and press Ctrl + F on the keyboard
  • Then these lines are creating there. Adjust them to the size of the Image.

Now the vertical and horizontal line required to create is formed in two layers. You have to do is hide the layer with vertical lines and start creating using horizontal lines.

To hide the layer, click on the eye icon next to it.

Adjusting lines to shape

         First, the lines should adjust to the outer shape.

To do so,

  • Select the Selection Tool from the toolbox
  • Now adjust the line so that only the section of hair is in place.
  • In this way, more the lines through the selection tool until the outer shape of the face reached

Illustrator tutorial

  • Next, you need to create lines to match the way the light and the dark parts of the face spread
  • This is done by positioning lines on the dark side of the face and removing the lines from the lighted area
  • The scissor tool should use for this purpose

Using the Scissor Tool

  • First, select a line and choose Scissor Tool
  • Click on the part where the end of the dark side of the face. Again, click on where the dark part of the line begins. Then cut these parts of the line
  • Also, select the line through which most of the light falls through the selection tool. Press delete key and delete it

In this way,

  • Remove the lines of the face from greater parts of the face and rearrange the lines on the dark areas.
  • You should then draw lines across the eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips to get the right look on the face

Illustrator tutorial

Now the vertical lines should make in the same way.

  • Hide this layer and highlight the vertical line
  • Create outer lines using the selection tool as before
  • Then improve the look of the design by setting lines in the darkened areas and removing lines in the dark as before

Illustrator tutorial

Draw the line shape

         In the end, highlight both the lines and hide the original Image. Then you will see only the design.

If there are shortcomings, replace the lines with the new line or fill in the blanks.

Now add color to the lines and enhance the beauty of the design.

Illustrator tutorial

         Here is a general look at the design. But more complex the Image, the more delicate it can be.

Also, you can create beautiful graphic images when combined with different techniques depending on your artistic ability.

Illustrator tutorial

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