Free adobe illustrator tutorial for beginners

Let’s create a flower shape and use it to create a graphic design. (Free Adobe Illustrator tutorial for beginners – No 02)

You are using the tools provided in the illustrator program you can create beautiful graphics using simple techniques. This Adobe Illustrator tutorial will show you how to create a flower using a polygon tool and create a design from it.

The tools that we will use for this Adobe Illustrator tutorial are,

  • Pucker and Bloat Effect
  • Symbol Sprayer Tool
  • Blend Tool

Start Working

         First, open an illustrator program and create an artboard to A4 size.

To do this,

  • go to File > New and from the new dialogue box, type A4 as the size, and click OK.

Free Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Drawing a basic form

  • Select polygon tool from the toolbox, double click on it and click on the artboard again
  • This will open the polygon dialogue box. Give radius 3cm and side 5cm. Then click, OK. 
  • Then a five-star created on the artboard.

  • Select it and click Effect > Distort and Transform > Pucker and Bloat.

Pucker & Bloat effect

  • Then you get a dialogue box where you can adjust the settings. 
  • When you click on preview, you can see the changes you make at the time of creation.
  • Grab the slider in the middle and move it to the bloat.
  • Then the shape gradually becomes a flower with five petals. Take it to 75%.
  • Then you get a flower shape and click OK.

Pucker & Bloat

Flower Coloring

         You need to get a separate layer to give some color to the background.

  • Click Windows > Layer. Open the layer palette and click Create new layer command at the bottom. Then another layer will open.
  • Now draw a box from the rectangle tool to completely cover the artboard. Give it a light green color.
  • Then drag the previous layer to the top of the background created layer. Lock that layer from the layer palette.

Free Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Drawing Flower

         Now the flower design can resume.

  • First of all, remove the stroke color.
  • Then click on the shape and make a copy of it and click Edit > Paste in back.
  • Click Effect > Stylize > Draw Shadow and click OK.
  • Again, click Object > Lock > Selection, and then the shape will be locked.
  • Now click on the shape and copy it. 
  • Click Edit > Paste in front.
  • Now that has been select, give the color palette a light-yellow color.
  • Then select Object > Transform > Scale. This will open the scale dialogue box. 

Scale Dialogue box

  • Give 50% at the top of the uniform and click OK.
  • Then the smaller part that gives yellow color.
  • Now click on the yellow part and copy it.
  • Click Edit > Paste in Front.
  • Then set the darker yellow color of the color palette.
  • Then again give 50% at the top of uniform and click OK. Now that dark yellow part created.

Flower Desiign

  • Click on all three shapes and select Object > Blend > Make.
  • Now double click on the Blend Tool in the toolbox. This will open a blend dialogue box.

Blend Options

  • First, click on the preview and activate it.
  • Click on the arrow next to spacing.
  • Select the specified steps from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter 20 as the box on the right and click OK.
  • Now will create the appearance of a flower.
  • Click on the Object > Unlock and remove the lock with the shadow locked at first.
  • Now select all and group them.

Completion of work

      Now this flower should place in such a way that it spreads throughout the artboard. 

To do this, the clip art of the flower should make into the illustrator symbol. 

  • Click Window > Symbol and open Symbol palette.
  • Then click on the flower and drag it into the symbol palette.
  • Then you will get the dialogue box to create a new symbol.
  • Give it a name and click OK.
  • Then the symbol palette holds the flower.
  • Now click on the flower and drag it to the page.

Free Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

  • Click on the Symbol Sprayer Tool from the toolbox and click the flower on the artboard. Then flower copies created.
  • You can customize the designs by clicking on them from place to place.

Free Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

If you want to see how to do this Free Illustrator Tutorial, watch the video.

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