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How to secure an excel worksheet with a password? (Microsoft Excel Tutorial Free – No 02)

This free excel tutorial will show you how to secure a workbook that is setup using a Microsoft Excel program and not changed by anyone else.

To do this, first, open a new Excel worksheet and create a chart.

Excel Tutorial Free

Our target is to use a password to keep the data on this page safe and secure.

The tool used to do this, displaying the format icon on the Home tab.

  • Click on the format icon.
  • A menu opens with multiple options displayed on the workbook page.
  • Then move the mouse pointer to the Protect Sheet, which appears under the protection menu head.
  • Then open a tooltip box called form to file with details.
  • You can find more information about this tool by clicking on the tell me more button.

protect sheet

To Protect

  • Click on the protect sheet.
  • Then you have a protect sheet checkbox on the worksheet.

protect sheet

  • Its protect worksheet and contents of locked cells checkbox activated.
  • It tells you to keep the worksheet secure. Keep it that way.
  • Below that, you have to type a password using letters or numbers.
  • The password is case sensitive to capital and simple letters. 
  • Therefore, the typed password must write in a safe place. 
  • When protecting several worksheets, it must accompany by a password that can unprotect along with its name.
  • This should do so that they can’t reuse it for forgotten.
  • That is, the worksheet can change after it saved, and this password known.
  • Once you have entered a valid password, click the OK button at the bottom of this checkbox.
  • This will open the Confirm Password dialogue box.


  • The previously typed password should type correctly.
  • Then click OK to confirm your password.
  • Now, this is a protected sheet.
  • To check it, try changing the value of a cell in the table in the worksheet.
  • The excel program displays a message from an alert box. It says that the cell or table you are typing to modify is on a protected page. 
  • It also says that for any changes to make to the worksheet, the password used to protect it needs to unprotect.

Excel Tutorial Free

To Unprotect

  • Open an excel worksheet protected by a password.
  • Click on the format icon on the ribbon. 
  • In the menu that opens, it displayed as Unprotect Sheet under the protection menu head.

unprotect sheet

  • This is also a way to check if an excel worksheet is protecting. If it doesn’t allow you to modify the contents of a worksheet, you can go through the Home > Format > Protection and see it protected.
  • If you want to change a protected worksheet to work with, click on the unprotect sheet. 
  • Then will open the unprotect sheet dialogue box. A box is available to type the password.

Excel Tutorial Free

  • Type the password that you use in the first step to protect this worksheet. 
  • Then click OK to continue.
  • It is now possible to change the value in the table. That is, this worksheet unprotected.

If you want to see how to do this Free Microsoft Excel tutorial, watch the video.

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