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How to get the details of a table in an excel workbook? (Microsoft Excel Tutorial – No 01)

This Microsoft Excel tutorial will help you to learn about managing the details of a table.

Here is how to work out the data in a table in a workbook set using the Microsoft Excel program.

Such as,

  • the average value of data.
  • minimum amount.
  • maximum value.
  • a number of digits in the table.

The AutoSum tool provided by the excel program is using. This is in the editing tab section of the Home tab of the Excel application window.

When you move the mouse pointer over this auto sum icon, the tooltip box opened. To the right of this autosum icon is a small arrow pointing downwards.

When you click the mouse pointer on it, a dropdown menu will be displaying.

It shows all the work that can do using the tool.

Calculate the sum of a column

     To learn how to use this auto sum tool, you first need to open a new excel worksheet and create a table.

Microsoft Excel tutorial
  • In this table, suppose the sum of all the digits in the D column. All the required numbers should select.
  • Then click on the auto sum icon shown in the image.
  • Then the total number of selected numbers in column D displayed in cell D7

When you move the mouse pointer over the auto sum icon. Below the sum is a keyboard shortcut that says Alt, +, and = at the bottom of the tooltip box. It means that the auto sum tool can operate by clicking the Alt, +, and = keys on the keyboard.

  • To do this, first select the cell in which the sum of cells to display.
  • In the figure, it is the E7 cell.
  • Click on the cell and make it an active cell.
  • Now press the (=) key on the keyboard and move the cursor to the desired cell and click.
  • Here the E2 cell selected first. 
  • Then press the + sign on the keyboard.
  • Once again, place the cursor on the E4 cell and click. Again press + sign.
  • Now put the cursor on the E6 cell and click.
  • Then press the enter key.
  • Now the sum of the cells E2, E4, and E6 shown in cell E7.

Obtain the average values of the data

Obtain the average values of the data

      The average value of the select data set obtained by clicking the average icon in the dropdown menu of the auto sum icon.

  • To do this, select all the numbers that you want to get an average. 
  • For example, the cells D2, E2, and F2 choose to get the average value.
  • Then click on the average icon.
  • Then the average value of these values displayed in cell G2.
Microsoft Excel tutorial

Similarly, the average values of the other cells can obtain.

Counting numbers

      To count how many digits there are in a specific area of the table, use the count numbers icon in the auto sum icon on the dropdown menu.

  • Suppose we want to calculate the number of digits in the third row of this table.
  • Select this row and click on the count numbers menu.
  • Then you get the correct answer with that value.
Microsoft Excel tutorial

Find the largest number.

         The max icon in the dropdown menu of the auto sum icon should use to find the maximum number in the table.

  • For example, we try to choose the largest number in the 6th row. 
  • To do that, first select the column.
  • Then click on the max menu in the auto sum.
  • You will notice that the cell has the maximum value in the G6 cell.

Find the lowest number 

         Here you will find the lowest number of digits in the entire table.

  • You have to select the whole table.
  • Then select min from the auto sum dropdown menu.
  • Then the D, E, and F columns show the lowest values.

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