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How to handle images added to a document? (Microsoft word tutorial for beginners – No 01)

An image that uses in a word-based document can place anywhere in the record. There are several tools in the ribbon panel that can use to create a picture in some way. This Microsoft word tutorial will show you how to use the tools under the arrange tab section.

Here are the tools we are using this tutorial,

1. The More Layout Option at the bottom of the wrap text menu.

2. Tools in the Rotate Button below it.

3. Tools under the Align button on the top right of it.

Getting the picture

  • Go to Word ribbon panel > Insert > Illustrations > Pictures and insert picture dialogue box appears on the screen.
Microsoft word tutorial
  • When an image is select, it comes to the word document.
Microsoft word tutorial
  • If you click the picture, its shape is changing, and under the picture tools, a format called ribbon tab display.

Resize the picture

  • To resize an image, right-click on the picture and select the More Layout Options menu at the bottom of the wrap text menu. Then you will get the layout dialogue box.
  • There are three tabs for position, text wrapping, and size.
  • To resize the image, use the size tab.
  • Click on the arrow next to Height, and you can change the value or type a value.
  • The Height of the image will change to suit it.
  • You can change the width here as well.
  • In this case, width and Height will change in proportion to the original image. If not, you should unselect the lock aspect ratio checkbox under the scale.
  • The scale shows how much the width of the image changes in proportion to the size it originally had.
  • Under the “Original size” shown below is the original length and breadth of the selected image.
  • When you enable the relative check box and change the size of the image, it will show the percentage difference.
  • So, you can resize a picture even if you type the percentage here.
size box

Change the orientation of the picture.

               You can also use the size tab to change the orientation of the image. So, the image rotates according to the value you type before the rotation under the rotate button.

  • If you add a plus (+) value from that position, the picture rotates to the right.
  • If you add a minus (-) value to it, the image rotates clockwise.
  • Similarly, you can use the rotate tools under the arranged tab section to change the orientation of the picture.

The feature in that when you move the mouse pointer over the dropdown tools, the image turn off according to the specific command.

  • Rotate right 90°, and Rotate left 90° authorities to allow you to move the picture 90° to the right and the left. 
  • When the flip vertical click, the image flip from top to bottom.
  • Also, clicking on the Flip Horizontal will turn left or right.
  • When you click on the More Rotation Options at the bottom of this dropdown menu, you will redirect to the size tab of the preciously described layout dialogue box.

Change the position of the picture

               A member of commands used to set up an image with text is under the align button in the arrange tab section. Clicking on this will sometimes cause the authorities in the dropdown menu to disable.

Then click on any of the wrap text, in front of the text, behind text or through a button. At the same time, the commands in the Align dropdown menu are activating.

Microsoft word tutorial
  • When you click on the align left menu, the picture will be on the left side and the right side of the paragraph.
  • Click on align right, and the image will be in the right and the article in the left.

When you click on view gridlines, the document fills in a box with what appears to be a short page. You can get an overview of where the picture was placing.

The grid settings at the bottom is a complex application.

When you click on it, the grid and guides dialogue box will set the options, set the paragraphs and images on the page according to the specific procedure.

position box

If you want to see how to do this Microsoft word Tutorial, watch the video.

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