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How to decorate a word document using shapes? (Microsoft Word tutorial for beginners – No 02)

A word-based document can use many formats and change their size appearance and location. Also, the Format of the document can change by changing the border as well as the color. You can learn about it from this Microsoft word tutorial.

The shapes used are different from the way a document used for a picture.

  • To do this, open a Microsoft word document.
  • Now select the Insert tab to add shapes to the open document.
  • When you move the mouse pointer over the shapes icon under the illustration tab section, draw a shape tooltip box will open.
  • Click on the tell me more below to find out more.

word tutorial

  • Click on the icon, and a dropdown menu with different shapes will appear on the screen.
  • You can go through it and choose a shape.
  • The recently used shapes menu section shows some of the shapes you need earlier.
  • Also, menu shapes are categorized. 


  • When you click on a shape, the mouse pointer will take the shape of a + sign.
  • When the mouse pointer with the + sign clicked somewhere in the document, the selected Format applied to the document.
  • The Format selected, the shape of the file ribbon changed, and the Format tab appears with the ribbon under the drawing tools.

Setting up a textbox

         Typing words in paragraphs in a document in the usual way. If you want to write words in a separate box, then use a text box

  • For this, you need to use the text box shape. This icon is under the basic shapes tab selection.
  • Now click on this toolbox. The mouse pointer will change.
  • Now click the mouse pointer on the document and draw a rectangle as needed.
  • Then click on the rectangle.
  • Then it will select, and a cursor will show that you can type words in it. So, now it’s a textbox.


Getting Shapes

         To add a shape to the document, click on the Insert tab, and get the toolbox.

  • Click on the shapes icon and select the desired shape from the Format shown and click on the document. Then it is put there.
  • There we will use an arrow sign. It comes in blue automatically. It also doesn’t show an outline.


Change the color of the Format.

  • You need to go to Format> Drawing Tools > Shape Styles to change the color of the Format.
  • Click on the dropdown arrow next to the colored fill icon and choose the color you want.


Apply the outline of the Format

  • To get an outline, place the cursor on the shape and click.
  • In the format menu that appears, select the appropriate color from the shapes in the Shapes Outline.
  • The sizes under the weight should use to change the thickness of the line.

word tutorial

Apply a design to the background of the shape

  • First, select the Format.
  • Click on the dropdown arrow with shape fill, under the shape style.
  • Then open the dropdown menu and select the style you want. 


Change the Format to the shape.

  • The shape effect icon under the shape style tab section should use to change the direction and Format of the shape.
  • When you click on the submenu, the shape will change to suit you.

word tutorial

If you want to see how to do this Microsoft word Tutorial, watch the video.

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