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How to resize multiple images to the same size using Photoshop? (Free Adobe Photoshop tutorials for beginners – No 04)

         There are occasions when you need to make several different images of the same size. Then it is easier to edit all of them at once, rather than having to make the difference. This adobe photoshop tutorial shows you how to do it.

Using the same size photos can make your work quickly.

The tools that we will use for this tutorial are

  • Record Actions
  • Save as Automate

This Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorial will help you to get the most out of it.

Here is how it is doing.

Set the image size.

         The first thing to do is, set up an image with a generic size to which all photos are setting.

To do this,

  • Go to File > Open and select the size of the image you want to set.
Adobe Photoshop tutorial
  • Select Windows > Actions or press the Alt + F9 keys on the keyboard to access the action
  • Action is a set of pre-set instructions.
select action

Setting up a new action

  • Click the palette menu at the top right of the action palette to set up an action.
  • Click on the new action. The new action box will open.
new action box
  • You can enter a name that identifies the action.
  • If you want the action that is automatically selecting in the photoshop, you should choose the Default Actions in the drop-down menu in the set
  • Are you want to set a keyboard shortcut to activate this option, select the function key from the drop-down menu which is the diction key
  • If you want the shortcut to use with the shift key or ctrl key, select shift or ctrl next to it. You can choose either of these options
  • If you need to select a color to identify the action quickly, you should choose from the color drop-down menu at the bottom
  • After doing this, you need to click on the Record button at the top right to start recording the action

Set the size

  • Select Image > Image size to set the image size for all images. The shortcut is to press the Alt + Ctrl + I. Then the image size box will open
select image size
  • Adjust the width and height of the image
  • If a chain mark is select in front of them, the width will change along the length
  • Selecting this option will change the size of the picture, but it will not affect the shape
  •  Select the measurement until that changes the height and width from the drop-down menu
  • You can also set the resolution if needed
  • After all, click OK to confirm
image size box

Record the action

These changes can see under the action. Now the action should stop being a record

  • When the action is select, click on the Stop Playing/Recording button at the bottom corner of the palette
Adobe Photoshop tutorial
  • Now the action is finished.
  • After adjusting the action, it is possible to change the other images according to the command.
  • All images need to store in a single folder. You should also create a blank folder to save all the newly created images.
  • Now select File > Automate > Batch. Then the batch box opens.
select batch
  • You have to go through the Play > Action and choose the name of the new action.
  • Then select folder from the drop-down menu next to the source group at the bottom.
  • It is select to configure all the images in a folder.
  • Now click the choose button and select the folder for the images.
  • Click on the Destination > Folder to choose the folder where the edited images should save.
  • You can select the folder from which you want to save images.
  • If you want to save images using the same name, then select the Document Name in the file naming.
  • Finally, click the OK button; the images are save in regular order.
Adobe Photoshop tutorial

If you want to see how to do this Free adobe Photoshop Tutorial, watch the video.

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