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How to Removing glitter spots in a face? (Free Photoshop for beginners tutorial – No 06)

When taking photos of the face, there are glowing spots on the front that reflect light from the skin. The tools provided in the photoshop program can use to restore the image and make the image look realistic. This free Photoshop tutorial will show you how to do it right.

The tools that we will use for this tutorial are

  • Healing Brush tool
  • Clone Stamp Tool
  • Eyedropper Tool 
  • Brush Tool

After learning this tutorial, you can remove glitter spots in any picture.

Here is how it is doing.

Getting the photo 

  • First, open Photoshop and click File > Open.
  • Then select the photo you want with a shiny face and open it.

Free Photoshop  for beginners tutorial

Using the Healing Brush tool

  • Now click on the Healing Brush Tool on the toolbox.

Healing Brush Tool

  • Then move the mouse pointer to the spot where the face doesn’t shine and press the Alt key on the keyboard and click.
  • Then the healing brush tool gets information about the color.
  • Now move the mouse pointer to a bright spot in the photo. You will see a circle with the color obtained earlier. 

You can increase the size of this color circle by using square brackets ([ ]) on the keyboard.

  • After adjusting the circle to the appropriate size, click the mouse pointer once or several times over the glowing position of the image, slowly move it and delete the glitter look. 

The healing brush tool can use if the color that files the photograph is correct.

If a suitable color not found, another appropriate tool should use to set the brightness such is the Clone Stamp Tool.

Clone Stamp Tool

Using the Clone Stamp Tool 

If the image glitter spread over a large area, you can use the Clone Stamp Tool to remove it.

  • Select this tool and move the mouse pointer to the place where the photo doesn’t bright and press Alt and select it.
  • Then you got the color information in that location.
  • Click on the shine to get the correct colors, and when you move the mouse over, the new color-highlighted.
  • To eliminate this error, the clone stamp must set transparently.
  • To do this, you have to reduce the opacity value of the options bar in the photoshop window to 50.
  • If you do not see this options bar, go through the Window > Opacity and get it.
  • When the checkbox on the options bar is unselecting, the selected color can be retaining.
  • Then move the mouse pointer to the bright spot of the photo and set the brush size to the desired size using [] keys as before.
  • Click on the glitter spot and move the mouse pointer to remove it.

Using the Brush Tool

You can remove the glitter on your face, using the Brush Tool.

To do this, 

  • Click on Create New Layer in the layer palette and select a new layer.
  • Select the Eyedropper Tool from the tool palette. It is using to capture information about the color of a photograph.

Eyedropper Tool

  • To do this, click the other location where the shine should be.
  • Click on it to get the same color as the pixel.

The color obtained is displayed in the foreground color box at the bottom of the toolbar. If it is a color that matches where it looks shiny, you can use it.

Once the color is select by the eyedropper tool, the brush tool should use for editing.

  • Select a smooth brush from the Brush Preset Picker on the left of the options bar.
  • Then change the opacity value to 30 on the options bar.
  • Now move the mouse pointer, a bright spot in the photo, and adjust it to a suitable size as before.
  • Then click on the glitter spot and move the mouse pointer, you can remove the glowing form

Free Photoshop  for beginners tutorial

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